Wildflower Season Blooms in Sydney’s Out Back!

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Australian Wattle

See the Colours of the Rainbow in the Australian Bush. You won’t believe your eyes!

Wildflower season, from late winter into mid-spring, is one of Sydney OutBack’s favourite times each year. In addition to its crisp air and warmer days, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park’s ever-green and brown landscape (with its usual blue skies and hazel waterways) shows flashes of colour that are simply magical.



The inflorescence of the Xanthorrhoea australis


The inflorescence of the Banksia

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The inflorescence of the Bottlebrush callistemon

The rainbow of colours in Ku-ring-gai Chase during wildflower season spans the full spectrum from reds to violets. However, many of the familiar wildflowers are, in fact, clusters of flowers, rather than solitary blooms. In botanical terms, a flower is the single flower; when many flowers are grouped together on a stem, they are rightfully called an ‘inflorescence’. Think about these: The Waratah, NSW’s floral emblem; as well as the blooms pictured: red bottlebrush callistemon; the golden heath banksia and golden wattle. Each is a cluster of flowers that injects brilliant colour into the bush environment.

Smaller, single blooms come to life, too, in blues, violets and magenta. It’s a wonderful experience to see Australia’s evergreen bush come to life in colour.

Visit anytime between late-July and mid-November for your chance to see the National Park’s unique wildflower rainbow. To learn more about Sydney OutBack’s Wilderness and Aboriginal Explorer Tour and Cruise, just click here.

Our tours are also part of Tourism Australia’s Indigenous Tourism Champions Program (ITCP), recognizing that we offer a quality experience that that meets the needs and expectations of international visitors.

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