Snap – Capturing Sydney OutBack

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It’s no secret that Sydney OutBack, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and the neighbouring northern beaches of Sydney, are picture perfect. Pristine. Organic, authentic, wild and untamed. Vast. Beautiful.

At the right moment, the perfect pictures capture the image before you and your breath!

At Sydney OutBack, we know that many of your favourite souvenirs from your time in Australia are those captured on your digital camera or smartphone – or, for hobbiests among you, film!

Luckily, when travelling with Sydney OutBack, we’ve done much of the thinking for you! So, as you prepare to head into Australia’s majestic coastal landscapes like ours, what tips should you keep in mind?

The most important, in our experience, is to ensure your visit is timed mindful of the sun’s position.

  • Why visit an eastern facing lookout too early in the day, when the sunwill cause flares through your lens? No matter how magnificent the view is, the angle of the sun will wash out your photosLandscape_7 2016
  • Apart from the day’s heat being absorbed into the rock, visiting Aboriginal Heritage engraving sites during the middle of the day makes the engravings harder to appreciate. The true beauty is emphasised earlier in the day when a lower sun casts a rich shadow
  • If out on the water, sunlight glares from the water and can be similar to photographing on snow; if you can add a polariser to your lens, that’s a great benefit, but contemporary smart phones rely on good angles and creative techniques to overcome their limitations in these conditions.


Bupa Overseas Student Health Cover recently shortlisted Sydney OutBack tours among some of Australia’s greatest experiences for keen photographers, featuring our destination and tour as one of the most Insta-worthy destinations in the country.River_4 181215


We were commended on how we take visitors to spectacular destinations at the best times of the day to showcase them, such as one of the most stunning lookouts in Sydney, nationally significant Aboriginal Heritage sites and a cruise to see the landscape from water, including boat-access only rock art sites.

Ours is Australia’s third most biodiverse destination, with a wonderful array of plant and animal life (much of the latter is nocturnal) with a brilliant wildflower season from July to November. At just 45 minutes from Sydney, our tours are perfect for getting you out into the Australian bush with less effort – while also enjoying the coastal landscapes along the way.

We were also commKCNP Plant18 SOBEKCNP Flora2 MUNROended for delivering an authentic Australian owner-operated experience, hosted by a family with connections to this area for more than 200 years. This means Sydney OutBack is well placed to give visitors tips on where best to take photographs.


If you are a photographer who wants to get the very best images, we can even curate a bespoke tour to suit your needs. Our Overnight Stays and Private Charters help visitors gain entry to less-famous spots, including more than 24 guided walks and trails through the National Park to incredible scenic lookouts, hidden beaches and habitats of kangaroos and wallabies.

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